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Infinitus Data Logic Private Limited (IDL) was founded by Rajesh Krishnamurthy & Prakash Balasubramaniam with immense passion for programming and providing business consulting to clients. Today IDL has some of the top developers and contributes a considerable share in the field of cloud products, data technologies, SaaS implementations, web development, seo, cloud computing, quality assurance, process consulting, performance engineering, mobility, social media integrations and media marketing solutions. The perseverance and the hard work of the management and the employees continue to grow which is the constructive facet.

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A Brief Insight On The Firm

Determining our areas of competence

Cloud based Products, Data Technology, Product development, Technology architecture, Consulting in emerging technologies, Open Source implementations, Cloud computing, Quality assurance, mobility, Process consulting, SaaS implementations, Performance engineering, Social media integration and media marketing solutions.

IDL – in giving wholesome assistance

Our procedure of work observes the complete business landscape of the client and yield results with colossal scientific advent.

Turnkey solutions to technology start ups

IDL give guidance to small scale technology start-ups in implementing the architecture, build product on open source platforms.

Obtain guidance from professionals

IDL recognize the business obligations of the client and provide exemplary solutions with the help of our software design and delivery proficiency. Thus affording technology solutions to business needs.

Above all IDL is intended to deliver products with high substance, and stability along with legitimacy in business and the consumer is detected to mature in a magnificent nature.

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